About Detroit Bully Corps – DBC Dogs

Detroit-Bully-CorpsThe Bully Blog keeps you updated and educated on issues about the “Bully” breeds. Speaking from my personal experience as a pure bred American Pit Bull people discriminate against you even when you come from abuse. My daddy used to say “If you have nothing nice to say about a breed keep it to yourself until you have the facts.” These breeds deserve the same love and affection that other breeds get. I’m just one dog trying to do his part in educating the world on how these bully breeds get a bum rap. Help end the discrimination and join us in supporting Detroit Bully Corps. Loyal to the breed.

Detroit Bully Corps Mission

The foundation of Detroit Bully Corps program is education. Without education on spay/neuter, breed specific legislation (BSL), training, breed specific workshops, the dog fighting culture and responsible ownership, the epidemic will never end. Rescue is a mere bandage in the overall scale of the canine epidemic. Shelters are overrun, rescues are overflowing and society is in need of education. For every one spot DBC fill in our program, Detroit Bully Corps turn away 50. DBC average 20-25 canines at any given time and 90% of our rescue population is comprised of the American Pit Bull Terrier. DBC work with canines from any and every background, whether it be a surrendered family pet, bait dog, seasoned fighter or the abused. DBC are a no-kill rescue/rehabilitation in that DBC
will never euthanize for space. DBC, as a moral, ethical and objective organization, will NOT adopt out a canine that is a threat to society. DBC are advocates of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as such DBC will not add to the epidemic by being irresponsible.

Detroit Bully Corps Board of Directors